Residential Building WA Referral Cheque Terms and Conditions

  1. The following terms and conditions apply for the Residential Building WA Pty Ltd (RBWA) Referral Cheque and the redeeming of payment rewards.
  2. These terms and conditions can be collected from 65 Walters Drive, Osborne Park or are available on the website
  3. These terms and conditions can be amended or modified at any time by RBWA in its sole discretion, and without notice.
  4. Only one Referral Cheque may be applied to each building project.
  5. For a limited time there is no restriction to the number of Referral Cheque rewards you may earn.
  6. The Referral Cheque is required to be provided prior to the referred party entering into an agreement with the builder.
  7. Name and contact details of the referred party are to be provided to a/your Representative of RBWA.
  8. You cannot refer yourself and parties to the same contract cannot refer each other.
  9. Payment of Referral Cheque rewards shall only occur once unconditional construction of the referred parties building project has commenced.
  10. By participating in the Referral Cheque reward you acknowledge that you agree to be bound by these terms and conditions.
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