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Rear Strata Home Designs

Stylish Rear Strata Solutions

If you’re looking to purchase a rear strata lot or are interested in subdividing to develop your backyard, rest assured, the Residential Building WA team of award-winning designers are experienced in amplifying the unique opportunities a rear strata lot provides.

House behind a house, rear strata, battleaxe, whatever you call it, we can design a home to work for you.

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As older, more established suburbs are being rezoned with high densities, there is an increasing demand for clever rear strata designs. That’s why our designers are continually designing customised client homes to meet budget, block complexities and, lifestyle needs.

Every rear strata block is unique, and R Codes can differ from suburb to suburb. If you’re interested in building a rear strata design, contact us for specialised recommendations tailored to your individual situation.

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