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Introducing The Style House Display Home

It’s an exciting milestone, building a new two storey home! And visiting display homes is a great place to ...

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Reserve Bank cuts interest rate to ‘unprecedented’ 0.10 per cent

While the Reserve Bank’s decision to cut interest rates will be good news if you’ve got a mortgage, ...

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Reserve Bank slashes interest rate to historic low of 0.1% in bid to prop up Australian economy

RBA’s move to near-zero rate seen as implicit rebuke to Morrison government for not spending more on economic stimulus. ...

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Style your Perth Home for an Endless Summer

Summer is just around the corner, and its influence on home styling is always on-trend. And no one understands this ...

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Building Bonus: WA consumers breathe a sigh of relief

HIA has welcomed the McGowan Government’s changes to the Building Bonus scheme to extend on-site start times to 12 months ...

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Finalise your new home before 14 October 2020

The significant stimulus offered by the State and Federal Governments Grants has led to unprecedented demand, which means if you’...

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Last weeks to start your new home dream

Finalise your new home by 14 October 2020!  The significant stimulus offered by the State and Federal Governments Grants has led to ...

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How You Can Build An Affordable 2 Storey Home In Perth

Block size limitations have encouraged more West Australians to think up in order to maximise space and add value to ...

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What to Consider When Designing a Family Sized Home

Way back when, a standard-sized home in Perth was made up of three bedrooms, one bathroom, and the living area. ...

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Property prices to go from doom to boom: Westpac

AFTER predicting a large 10 per cent fall in national property prices from the peak in April 2020 to June 2021, Westpac has ...

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Hamptons Craze vs Coastal Feels – Which Trend Works For You?

There are two major trends competing for the limelight in Perth home building, the charm of the Hamptons, and the ...

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What Is The Best Choice For Flooring In Your New Home

When building your brand new home, one of the big ticket items you will need to think about carefully is ...

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Double story

Have You Checked Out Our Two Storey Display Homes Yet?

The most exciting part of building a new two storey home is visiting display homes where you can see what ...

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Top tips to warm your home without breaking the bank

Whilst usually short-lived in comparison to the rest of Australia, Winter does still arrive in Perth and with it brings ...

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Next steps for land buyers

With government homebuilding grants on offer and interest rates at a record low, many agree there’s never been better ...

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