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A home theatre is the ultimate in lifestyle luxury. Designing your home theatre can be a fun and creative process that will leave you with a finished product that you can enjoy for many years to come. Several key elements make up a quality home theatre and making the right choices now can have a lasting and positive impact on your cinematic experience in the future.

Choose your location wisely

When you decide to install a home theatre in your house it is important to consider which room will be most suitable. Choosing to locate your theatre on the upper levels of double-storey homes is a common mistake that people make as they are more prone to noise pollution from the street which has the potential to cause interruptions to your movie time. Locating your cinema on the ground floor or even at basement level makes it easier to soundproof especially if you are retrofitting it into an existing home. 

Many of our rear strata home designs have space available to install a home theatre during construction which can make it easier to ensure that you have the right level of soundproofing. The beauty of incorporating a home theatre into your plans for a new home is that it can be purpose-built into the design in the perfect location. If you are looking to incorporate a theatre room into your new home design, all you need to do is speak with us to see how our beautiful home designs can be adapted to provide you with all the luxury you have ever dreamed of.

Design Your Own Home Theatre - Residential Building WA

The right kind of visual

The most important aspect of your home theatre is the type of screen that you choose to install. One of the first decisions you need to make is whether you will be using a large television or a projector and screen combination. Depending on the size of your theatre room, each option comes with its own set of benefits. 4k ultra-high-definition TVs these days can produce astounding picture quality which can give you the ideal home theatre experience including the added benefits of in-built apps which allow you to access streaming services such as Netflix and Amazon Prime. Using a TV as opposed to a projector also allows you to connect to cable services such as Foxtel so you have all the choices available to you in one simple and convenient location.

A projector and screen combination will provide you with the truest home cinema experience where you will feel just like you’re at the movies. With the wide variety of technological advancements in projectors that are available today, there is no longer any need for excessive wires and cables. Instead, you can control your entire home theatre from a smartphone or tablet. It really does come down to the amount that you want to spend on your home theatre set up when you are choosing the kind of viewing experience that you want to create.

Your choice in sound

Once you have your visual component sorted, it is time to consider the audio part of your theatre creation. The sound quality of your room can be greatly affected by the room design itself. In double-storey homes, using a well-sealed room on the ground floor is best as it helps contain noise and create an ambience for a better cinema experience. These days, something as simple as a soundbar could be a convenient and cost-effective sound solution for a home theatre, but if you are looking to create a proper cinema experience, you can’t beat surround sound. Options for surround sound speakers range from affordable to high-end, giving you the freedom to choose something that fits within your budget.

Interior styling for your home theatre

Whether you’re building a New Level sleek or one of our rear strata home designs, the decor you choose for your home theatre can greatly impact your viewing experience. Unlike other rooms in your home, a theatre room is best painted in darker tones to make the screen your central point of focus. Comfort is key when you are creating a theatre room, you want to be able to relax and enjoy your home cinema experience so your choice of seating is extremely important. Your furniture choices will need to be based on how many people you are hoping to accommodate, how big your theatre room is and what your budget is for furniture. For a state-of-the-art theatre room that emanates the cinema feel, you can opt for individual recliners to give your room a Gold Class feel. For those who need a more affordable option, corner couches are a fantastic alternative for accommodating numerous people. 

Accessories are the last piece of the puzzle when it comes to creating a cinema in your home. For those who like to stay on theme, a collection of movie posters or framed images of classic actors really rounds out your interior décor. As your room is being designed for relaxation, adding plenty of handy accessories will add to the feel of the room as well. Items like coffee tables, remote holders, dimming lights and drink holders can step up the luxury factor in a theatre room and are typically affordable and easy additions to find.

Incorporate rooms that reflect your taste into your home design

If you have chosen to take the path of building your own home, you have chosen the path of freedom. Building your home from scratch allows you the design flexibility to incorporate any kind of features you want into the design. From saunas to cinema rooms, you can take your pick of the in-home features that will work best for you and your lifestyle. 
Whether you are planning on building a single or a double-storey home with New Level we offer fully customised home designs so that we can work with you to build you the home you’ve always dreamed of. Installing a cinema in your new house is only just the beginning. If you can dream it, the expert home designers at New Level can do it. Contact us today to discuss how we can build you the kind of home that is perfectly suited to you.

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