It is a great idea to take some time and effort to improve the overall ambience and appeal of your home. There are any number of reasons to start this endeavour, but the end result of making subtle changes and improvements that increase the value of your home is reason enough to undertake the challenge in itself. Whatever it is that has prompted you to enhance and highlight certain aspects of your home, the team here at Residential Building WA are here to help. Their years of experience as high-quality home builders in WA have given them an impressive level of know-how and they have helped create this list of inexpensive and relatively straightforward upgrades. You can implement some, or all of them, to help give your home the edge and be the absolute best it can be, surely driving up its value in the process. 

Tidy up and enhance the house front garden and entrance

Whether you’re thinking of putting your house on the market or just making it a nicer place to invite people to visit, there is nothing like creating a good first impression. It is proven that the first few seconds can make all the difference if selling is your aim there’s a reason that the term ‘kerb appeal’ has entered the vernacular when discussing houses. A well-maintained, attractive entrance gets things off on the right footing and gives the impression of a treasured home before visitors even cross the threshold. Best of all, it really isn’t terribly difficult or expensive to do, and a few minutes of effort can go a long way before you even think about prising the lid off a tin of paint. 

Make sure that the area is tidy and well-kept. If appropriate, enhance the doorway with some attractive plants in elegant pots and don’t be afraid to step back and look at the results objectively as if you were a potential visitor. Ask yourself some questions:

  • Is it overly cluttered? 
  • Does the garden look attractive and well-tended?
  • Is the paintwork in good shape? 
  • Is the paintwork a nice colour? 
  • Is the overall effect attractive and inviting?

If you decide that the door could do with a little sprucing up then go ahead and paint it a lovely bold colour. Pick out accents of that same colour wherever you can – this might be achieved by careful choice of flowers to surround the door or changing accessories like the doormat and doorbell. 

It may be that you have a modern, plastic door and frame that cannot be painted, but that’s just fine – white always looks good when enhanced correctly. First and foremost, make sure that they are nice and clean and then decide what colour you would like to use for your highlights. Check out our catalogue of house and land packages in WA for a great idea of how we feel homes can and should look from the outside. 

Assess your window dressings

Whether opting for curtains, blinds, or shutters, it’s possible to increase appeal and value using simple principles. It’s unlikely that you’ll want to change these costly elements too often, so choose timeless styles that will complement any future changes that you make effortlessly. There’s always the option to paint your shutters the same bold colour as the door and really catch the eye and rich, heavy curtains can give a feeling of calm luxury to any room if carefully chosen. 

Repaint the walls

This tip works both inside and out and the difference it makes can be genuinely astounding. It is a great option to paint the exterior and is not as drastic or costly as it sounds. If the internal walls need sprucing up then think about each room and its primary use. Dark and moody colours are fine for relaxed spaces but can alienate potential buyers if not used carefully. If in doubt choose pale colours for the walls and enhance them with accessories and wall art instead.

Replace interior hardware and accessories

Go through each room in turn and analyse anything that is not a permanent feature. Ask yourself if it offers anything to the overall feel of the room. Could it offer more? Everything from the kitchen taps and the handles on the cupboards to the light switches and switch-plates can be changed if necessary. There are many more options than we could list here but any change can make a startling difference, so do some homework and choose ones that you yourself enjoy. The chances are they will appeal to other people too. 

Pay attention to your flooring

Re-sand any unpleasant looking exposed floorboards and when re-stained you might be surprised at how striking and desirable they can look. Having your carpets professionally cleaned can make an enormous difference to the look and smell of any home too and there’s no real downside to having nice, clean carpets. Be honest with yourself and prepared to accept that they may have come to the end of their journey and will have to be replaced. Don’t think of that as money down the drain, it is anything but – this is a game of perceptions. The impression that potential buyers get is everything when it comes to selling a home and when people fall in love with the overall feel of a home they are able to overlook any trifling matters that might otherwise have dissuaded them. Your expenditure in strategic places is merely an investment that will easily pay for itself if done wisely. 

Take the advice of our resident expert home builders in WA and follow some of the steps they recommend and you will not only make your home a nicer place to inhabit for you and your family but also increase its value exponentially, and that’s something we can all get behind.

If you have any questions or comments or would like to discuss house and land packages in WA with a dedicated member of our team then please get in touch today. At Residential Building WA we will be only too happy to help.

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