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The thought of building your brand new dream home may seem intimidating, but the experienced Residential Building WA team are available to offer advice, guidance and ongoing support. After all, building your brand new single or two-storey home should be an exciting experience!

We’ve answered a range of the most frequently asked questions to help you through your journey, so have a read, and feel to touch base when you’re ready.

Who is Residential Building WA?

Whether you’re looking for a single storey home, built with style, an innovative double storey home, wholesale building and investment opportunities or specialised building projects, look no further than Residential Building WA. Our specialised collections have been developed by an experienced team, designed to suit a number of lifestyles and life stages. With close to 20 years of experience, Residential Building WA is part of the JWH Group, one of Western Australia's largest home builders. You can feel safe knowing your home is being built by experienced professionals well versed in project management, construction methods, the latest interior trends, home designs and most importantly making sure you have the best new home building experience. For more information, email or phone us on 9202 9202

What is a turn-key package?

A fully completed house and land package option that is designed and built move-in ready, all homes by Residential Building WA come with turn-key options and every home in the Turnkey collection is priced ready for living so you can move right in and enjoy your new home the day you pick up your keys! Please speak to your Design and Sales Consultant for more information, email or phone us on 9202 9202 to discuss turnkey package opportunities.

How long does it take to build a new home?

There are many factors to consider when building a new home. The complexity of the site, the design and the current building climate are components that will determine how long the build will take. Turn-key finishings will also add to build time. Talk to your professional Design and Sales Consultant to find out more.

What is and isn’t included in a new home?

Inclusions vary from builder to builder and specification of the particular design. All homes by Residential Building WA include a wide range of select inclusions from trusted brands for you to choose from, along with an additional selection of optional upgrades. Contact your Design and Sales Consultant for a complete list of inclusions.

How does Residential Building WA build Singles?

For close to 20 years, WA-based new home specialist Residential Building WA creates with meticulous attention paid to how the home functions, and all the very latest design and fitout trends are carefully incorporated into our homes. Residential Building WA single storey homes are built in a traditional manner with double brick construction. Learn more.

How does Residential Building WA build Doubles?

As Perth’s most innovative home builder, we pride ourselves on providing homebuyers with a proven alternative construction option with our collection of affordable high-quality two storey homes suitable for Perth families and investors. You can choose to build a ‘hybrid’ home which means a double brick ground floor, with lightweight upstairs. By thinking smarter and taking advantage of the very best new technologies, we can deliver your home at a fraction of the cost of traditional methods. Like to learn more about Timber Framed Lightweight Construction? Read our blog.

What is a house and land package?

Residential Building WA makes it easy for our clients with a wide range of stylish single storey and double storey home designs and house and land packages in popular Perth suburbs. So you don’t have to find your own solution to suit your lifestyle and budget, whether you’re a first home buyer, already on the property ladder or an investor. An added bonus, by purchasing a package, you end up with one final cost so you only require one loan and save on unnecessary fees and charges. Please speak to your Design and Sales Consultant for more information, email or phone us on 9202 9202 to discuss your house and land requirements.

Titled block, untitled block – what’s the difference?

When demand is high, land may be unable to be developed quickly enough to meet consumer requirements. So lots can be sold prior to the development being fully finished, and may still require the provision of services such as roads, curbing, footpaths, water and power before a building licence can be submitted and building can commence. A titled lot will all for building to commence faster as there are fewer restrictions to cause delays. Please speak to your Design and Sales Consultant for more information, email us, or phone us on 9202 9202.

Where should I build?

Ultimately where you choose to build is a very personal choice. Budget, lifestyle, place of work, family situation and where your loved ones are located will impact on your final decision. Along with local amenities such as public transport, shopping centres and local nightlife. And if you’re building as an investment opportunity, this can also influence your decision. If you’d like to speak to a Design and Sales Consultant, email or phone us on 9202 9202.

How do I get started building a home?

To start your building journey, speak to a Design and Sales Consultant via email or phone us on 9202 9202. You can also check out our wide range of house and land packages, single storey home designs, and double storey home designs to experience the latest in stylish home design for yourself.

Do I need to have land before I choose a home builder?

No, you don’t need to have land before you choose your builder, with Residential Building WA you can choose from our vast collection of single or double storey designs. No matter whether your block is narrow, square, or even house behind a house we will have a design that fits Or, if you thinking about a house and land package, we can do the work for you. Our dedicated team of professionals are always working to make the latest and greatest package selections available for you and have access to exclusive lots, which is why we have such an extensive range. You can contact us here and we can tailor a solution for you.

How long does it take to build a fully framed home?

When building a two-storey home there are a lot of points to consider including the complexity of the site, details of the design, turn-key finishing options, and current market conditions. These components will affect how long the build will take. In usual circumstances, an average build time is faster than traditional double brick two storey construction. Talk to your Residential Building WA Sales and Design Consultant to find out more.

When is the right time to build?

The recent surge of interest in building and renovating due to Government stimulus would suggest starting now. From inner suburb developments through to estate subdivisions, land prices rose and immediate availability of land, materials and trades availability decreased. The buying cycle sped up as supply vs demand experience an imbalance. Key indicators would predict that beginning your investigation phase immediately and starting the purchasing process soon after would allow you to complete your dream design, obtain necessary approvals and secure tradies without extra delays. Talk to your Residential Building WA and Design Consultant to find out more.

What alterations and additions can I make to a standard plan?

At Residential Building WA, we have a range of single and double storey options to suit most of Perth’s blocks. Whether your block is narrow, square, or even house behind a house we will have a design that fits. But, if our designs aren’t quite what you’re looking for, let us know and we will have our design team work with you to create something that is uniquely you.

Why should I build a two-storey home?

As block sizes in your favourite suburbs get smaller, a key benefit to building a 2 storey home is being able to build a family sized home without losing out on your alfresco space. At Residential Building WA, we focus on building quality, highly affordable 2 storey homes in WA to provide you with the best option for your family now that will grow with you over the years. Our double storey collection includes narrow lot and rear strata options to give you a brand-new home, with savvy space saving solutions.

Does Residential Building WA provide a demo and build service?

If the thought of renovation or moving makes your head spin because you love where you live but not what you live in, Residential Building WA can assist you with an end-to-end demo and build service. Stay right where you are: Building a new home doesn’t mean you have to change suburbs. Get exactly what you want: Select from our single or double storey collections or we can design a custom home just for you. Save: Save money by not having to pay stamp duty and sales commission fees. Timeframe: As one of WA’s largest home builders, we can make sure you get into your new home within a suitable time frame. Find out more about Residential Building WA’s 4 step process.

First Home Buyers can’t afford a 2 storey home, right?

Sure they can! With new innovative techniques and technology advancements, building has become more affordable – even for first home buyers. Instead of building a ‘starter home’, build the double storey home you want first time around. The next step starts with you, contact us to begin your 2 storey building journey.

Do you have a finance service?

We do not have our own finance provider which means you have much more flexibility in choice. Over the years we have built up strong relationships with some of Perth’s top financial institutions and we are happy to facilitate introductions. Through these, we are confident that along with the financial specialist we’ll be able to help you find the finance product that suits you. There is a finance solution no matter the situation and we are here to help you find it.

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